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Acer Presents Its Chromebook Tab 10 Under Chrome OS And Ahead Of Apple

A tablet for Education

Acer has just unveiled the first tablet under Chrome OS, the Chromebook Tab 10. A device that aims to penetrate the Education sector and positioned at 329 €. A price that should be close to that of the iPad also devolved to Education and expected in the day.

Until now, Chrome OS remained a dedicated system for computers. From now on, the OS will also be available on a touch pad, thanks to the Acer Chromebook Tab 10. In France, Chrome OS has never really taken off for the moment, while the Google system works much better in the United States, especially in the school system. It is precisely this sector that intends to attack Acer with his tablet, cutting the grass under the feet of Apple, who must present a tablet for Education in the day.

The Chromebook Tab 10 is based on a 9.7-inch (24.64 cm) diagonal IPS screen, for a definition of 2048 x 1536 px and a resolution of 264 dpi. It is powered by a SoC OP1, designed by Rockship and Google specifically to run Chrome OS – already used in computers at Samsung, among others. This SoC comes with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, expandable by microSD.

To connect, the Tab 10 relies on Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.1. Two cameras are available: the first on the front uses a 2 Mpx sensor and the second, on the back, uses a 5 Mpx sensor. The Chromebook Tab also has two speakers, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a USB-C 3.1 port.

A Wacom stylus and augmented reality

Acer’s tablet comes with a Wacom EMR stylus. The latter is lodged in the body of the tablet, a benefit in the face of the stylus of Apple, which can not be inserted into the iPad. With the presence of the Play Store, it will be possible to download applications without problems. Fleet managers in the education community will be able to restrict access to useful applications for school use. Acer also announced that its Chromebook Tab 10 will soon be compatible with Google Expeditions AR. This augmented reality technology will place objects in a room to study them from every angle on the screen of the tablet.

Amazon allows audio and video calls on tablets via Alexa

Alexa on “Fire” on the shelves

Alexa, the virtual assistant of Amazon, now allows you to make an audio, video call or send messages via tablets. A feature on Fire tablets of the brand but also on Android and iOS devices.

If it was already possible to do it from the Amazon Echo, Alexa will now allow to make an audio call, video or send messages from a tablet. In the list of devices compatible with this new feature, we find of course the range of tablets Fire Amazon, but also the slates on Android and iOS. According to information on the Engadget website, the ease of use of this update is not the same for all the devices concerned.

Indeed, on tablets Fire HD 10, just ask Alexa to make a call, without further manipulation. On other Fire models, the user will first need to press the home button to use Amazon’s voice command.

An ecosystem issue

As for users of iOS Android tablet, the approach is a little more tedious. They will have to open the Alexa application, go to the Conversations tab and select a contact before they can finally make a call or send a message. The deployment of this update is underway in the United States. The French slates are obviously not right, the personal assistant of Amazon has not yet learned our language.

With Amazon’s Drop in feature, it was already possible for Alexa users to receive calls through the Amazon Virtual Assistant app – which does not change anything for them. This function allows you to connect instantly to Echo appliances in the home, like an intercom. Just activate this function simply saying “Active Drop in my home”.

By deploying a new feature of its domestic assistant on tablet, Amazon shows well its willingness to install Alexa absolutely everywhere, even on devices that are not so popular in recent years. A way to fight the Google


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