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How To Ensure The Security Of Your Cloud

Is the cloud safe? The question of security is so vast that it is difficult to provide a definitive answer to this obviously legitimate question. Let’s dare a statement: yes, the cloud is safe.

It is at least as much as an infrastructure on premise. But this does not exempt the customer from taking some precautions.

It’s important to keep in mind that when we talk about cloud security, this obviously concerns data security as well as infrastructure security. And in both cases, it is a question of protecting oneself at the same time against the losses or the alterations, but also against the attacks.

It is clear that optimal security is as much a function of the cloud provider (the owner of the infrastructure) as it is of the client (the user). And it is up to the latter to ensure that its provider offers all the guarantees of data integrity and disaster recovery.

Choose the right provider …

On this point, we will check the architecture implemented by the service provider as well as its ability to react in the event of an incident – and as long as it is done, to react adequately. A good index: ISO 27001 certification, which validates the compliance of the provider’s information security management system (ISMS). By imposing a strict methodology and adequate training of infrastructure managers, it ensures that the right actions will be undertaken regardless of the problem encountered.

Outscale obtained ISO27001: 2013 (the most recent version of the standard) certification in September 2014, following a long and thorough evaluation conducted by the BSI Group, which annually monitors the evolution and smooth operation of information security process. Outscale is the only French cloud provider to be proud of this certification throughout its IaaS infrastructure.

… but do not just rest on him

It’s a bit the same principle as in a car: you can take a model equipped with ABS, anti-skating, trajectory correction, and all the latest electronic refinements, you have little chance of avoiding the accident if you drive dangerously or if you doze off while driving.

Brought back to the cloud, this principle translates as follows: whatever the level of security guaranteed by the supplier, it is up to the customer to respect the good practices in the matter, as it would for an own installation.

For example, Outscale regularly updates the images of its VMs to incorporate the latest versions of the services and tools on offer. But once the VM is instantiated, Outscale does not intervene anymore; it is up to the customer to take over and ensure that security updates and patches are applied. Coupon: AGU5Q

If security is not your specialty, or if your IT team is already too busy to support this aspect, Outscale or its partners can support you.

In any case, do not underestimate your role: you are the first actor of your own security.

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