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Motorola Moto E5: excellent value for money and solid autonomy

The Motorola Moto E5 represents the entry level of the manufacturer. We could think that this smartphone sold € 160 does not have much to offer, but it is a very good surprise.



154.4 x 72.2 x 9 mm


174 g

Diagonal screen

5.7 inches

Screen definition

1440 x 720



Screen type


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At Motorola, the E range is often synonymous with good value for money. This Moto E5 comes to perpetuate a long line by positioning at 159 €. It does not offer very advanced features, but embeds all that is expected of a smartphone today. In recent years, the segment of the entry-level is experiencing a great upheaval with the arrival of Chinese manufacturers like Huawei, Honor and more recently Xiaomi. Nokia has also reborn from the ashes with an interesting range. However, the Moto E5 is not disassembled in front of the competition and even holds him the dragee high.


Motorola is not necessarily the manufacturer that has shown the most originality in the design of smartphones in recent years. The Moto E5 still enjoys a nice physique, both for the eye and the hand. It signals the arrival of the 18: 9 screen ratio for the E series, allowing it to gain somewhat diagonal screen, without seeing its dimensions explode. The screen goes from 5 “(12.7 cm) diagonally across the Moto E4 to 5.7” (14.48 cm) on the Moto E5. On the latter, the display now occupies 75.5% of the front panel, against 66% on the previous generation. A good score that allows the smartphone to remain usable in part with one hand.

Honorable finishes.

The finishings of the Moto E5 are good overall. Certainly, it is dressed only plastic, but the matte rendering of it is successful. The terminal does not slip from the hand and the back slightly curved on the edges marries well the palm. The buttons on the right side are just a bit too high to easily reach the thumb; nothing insurmountable, however.

The fingerprint reader is placed on the back.

On the back, there is a fingerprint reader, which falls easily under the index when held in hand. Unlocking is fast enough by this means. However, such an investment prevents access to the sensor if the smartphone is placed on a table or on a support in the car, for example.

The Moto E5 is nice in hand.

It is regrettable that Motorola does not pass all its range to the USB-C. Here, we must be content with a micro-USB port. On the other hand, the 3.5mm mini-jack output is in the game. The Moto E5 can also accommodate 2 nano-SIM cards, in addition to a microSD card.

No USB-C, but micro-USB and a mini-jack.


It is quite rare to see entry-level smartphone screens so well treated. The Moto E5 benefits from a good 5.7-inch IPS panel at an 18: 9 ratio, with a definition of 1440 x 720 px. We measured a contrast ratio of 1280: 1, correct for the technology. The brightness can climb up to 490 cd / m², allowing good readability in bright sunlight. The light reflection rate is average, at 14%. In the dark, the Moto E5 can be watched without dazzling, its screen can go down to a brightness of 4.7 cd / m².


Colorimetry often remains a problem for modest smartphones. This is not the case for the Moto E5, as long as one chooses the right display mode. In the settings, choose the “natural” profile and switch the color temperature slider to “warm”. Once these adjustments are applied, we obtain a delta E at 3 and a temperature at 6,840 K. Values ​​close to excellence.

Side reactivity, things are a little less glowing. We note a rather average tactile delay of 101 ms and the persistence reaches 17 ms.


The Moto E5 is not a lightning war with its SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 425. However, its 4 cores ARM Cortex-A53 (1.4 GHz) and 2 GB of RAM, the Motorola smartphone offers a correct experience to use. The slowdowns are rather rare and only appear when you go on greedy applications. The lack of overlay over Android has it positive that the system remains light.

Temperatures recorded after 10 min of Full HD video recording.

The Moto E5 manages to maintain an external temperature below 35 ° C after 10 minutes of video recording in Full HD. A contained heat that will not interfere with the grip of the device.

For the video game, the graphics chip Adreno 308 is far from being the best performer in the field. The Moto E5 is more comfortable with the games of the Play Store. Resource-hungry 3D titles will take some sacrifice on the level of graphics to maintain an acceptable fluidity.

AUDIO 4 / 5The Motorola Moto E5’s 3.5mm mini-jack headphone output is average of what is usually found when of our tests. If the output level is not the highest, the rest of the measurements are more acceptable. The dynamic range provides the correct width and the stereo image is above average. The distortion remains very discreet.With a single speaker serving both for communications and multimedia, the Moto E5 does not shine particularly. However, things are not catastrophic. We can be content with this device to watch some videos or make calls, but not really to listen to music.

PHOTO 3 / 5If almost all smartphones are able to offer a correct overall experience nowadays, the photo remains a complicated point for many. The Moto E4 was pretty mediocre in the exercise and we were pleasantly surprised to see that the Moto E5 did not follow the same path. Indeed, the main camera of the terminal is based on a rather satisfactory 13 Mpx sensor. In daylight, clichés benefit from a good amount of detail, even on the edges of the image. The photos have a good dynamic and the trigger is quite fast. Overall, the clichés are rather natural, even if one notes a slight red dominance.

In low light, things are a little spoiled for the Moto E5. However, it is far from the catastrophic result that many smartphones know less than 200 €. The image processing manages to offer a correct exposure, while proposing a balance between electronic noise and smoothing. On the other hand, the reactivity of the camera drops somewhat in the absence of sufficient light and the white balance is far from perfect.

For video, the Moto E5 can record up to a full HD definition. The result of these recordings is correct in daylight. Focus tracking is not the fastest, but provides honest work. The exposure measurements are fair overall. In low light, things get complicated with a much more present noise.

At the front, selfies are provided by a sensor of 5 Mpx. Not enough to honor the faces that are submitted to him. The smoothing is very marked and the details are few. On the other hand, the management of backlighting is satisfactory.


Motorola is used to big scores in autonomy. The Moto E5 has good features with its modest configuration and its 4000 mAh battery. It did not disappoint, since on our SmartViser test protocol, the Motorola smartphone held no less than 18:19. A score that places him among the best students in the discipline. This is just behind a Xiaomi Redmi S2 (19:12), but in front of a Honor 7C (16:41) or a Nokia 3.1 (15:59). In practice, a standard use of the Moto E5 will allow him to hold 2 full days. It will be rare to see him expire before the morning of the second day of use. A solid service.


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