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MWC 2018 – Huawei Unveils Three Tablets, Including One For The iPad Pro

Office mode to the rescue

Who said there was only for the smartphone at the MWC? Tablets, a popular category of mobility recently, are also enjoying their moment of glory, as evidenced by Huawei’s latest announcement.

Huawei did not just announce a seductive Matebook X Pro during its press conference at the Mobile World Congress 2018. The Chinese manufacturer has also taken to heart the MWC Mobile part by announcing three new tablets, the MediaPad M5 8 and 10 inches. And Huawei is trying to get professionals with this announcement.

MediaPad M5 10.8 Pro

Indeed, the MediaPad 10.8 Pro, the most expensive of the three, comes to hunt on the same land as the iPad Pro. The Beast features a Kirin 960 chip, a 10.8-inch (27.4 cm) IPS display with a capacity of 2560 x 1600 px, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB or 128 GB of storage. four speakers and a battery of 7,500 mAh, all powered by Android 8.0.

But her main interest is that she comes with a stylus and a home keyboard. Two accessories that, according to Huawei, will allow slate to be used as a mobile workstation – just like an iPad Pro, but that’s not what Huawei said. The keyboard is probably the most interesting of the two accessories: once connected to the tablet, it allows to use the machine in “desktop” mode. A software environment that Huawei had already shown on its Mate 10 Pro, and that emulates a little what is known on Windows with windowed applications, a start bar, a desktop and mouse support.

The switch between the “traditional” Android interface and desktop mode is done automatically and fairly quickly once the tablet is on the dock. Unfortunately, the software optimization is not yet flawless, since some applications like Chrome are forced to run in full-screen mode, which slightly serves the interest of the thing. Once glued to its keyboard, the MediaPad also has small airs of Microsoft Surface (without the OS that goes with, unfortunately).

The stylet handles 4,096 pressure levels and has an accelerometer to detect tilt and adjust the stroke accordingly. No demo accessories were available to try, alas.

Finally, the tablet itself is very successful. The edges are a bit thick, but the finishes are impeccable with a curved glass that melt perfectly in the metal edge of the tablet. The anodized aluminum back is very pleasant on the hand and the set weighs surprisingly little for a device of this size.

MediaPad M5 8.4 and 10.8

The other two tablets announced are actually variants a little less well equipped with this model “Pro”. The MediaPad M5 10.8 has nothing less than the Pro model, except that it starts with 32 GB of storage, against 64 for the Pro. Apart from that, the data sheet is exactly the same. As for the 8.4-inch model, the only notable differences are the absence of four speakers and a slightly less generous battery (difference in size), since it peaks at 5,100 mAh. Neither tablet is intended for use in office mode, however.

For the rest, these two models are very close to the “Pro” version and we will not complain, so high-end quality tablets have become rare in the world of Android. Not sure that this small family really manages to boost a sector that has been alive for years. Google seems to have abandoned this category of products, because its OS remains desperately not optimized for such a screen size. When you think about it, it’s finally quite telling that the main attraction attracted by a tablet today is its ability to emulate the operation of a computer …


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