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Renesas Continues Its Counteroffensive By Launching Into Cmos Image Sensors

Renesas Continues Its Counteroffensive By Launching Into Cmos Image Sensors after acquiring the American Intersil, Renesas Electronics continues its counter-offensive by launching into Cmos image sensors. Japan’s second-largest semiconductor manufacturer, behind Toshiba, is targeting security cameras. One of the two most promising markets alongside the automobile for this family of components.

Another strong signal of the Renesas Electronics posture change. While his compatriot Toshiba has chosen to withdraw in 2016 Cmos image sensors, this Japanese manufacturer of semiconductors has decided to enter it. And he starts the new adventure with an 8.5 megapixel imager. It is not the mobile, which is the largest outlet for this family of components, but security cameras. A niche market that demands stronger technical requirements but offers higher prices and more comfortable margins.

Transition to acquisitions

This diversification is surprising. Since the earthquake and tsunami of 2011 in Japan, which landed it, Renesas Electronics had so far spent time downsizing and sorting through its products, selling all activities deemed non-strategic as those of mobile processors, cellular modems or control circuits of LCD screens.

But a year ago, the Japanese group, which combines the old chips of Hitachi, NEC and Mitsubishi Electric, decided to go on the counter-offensive with the objective of taking the path of growth and consolidate its return to profitability. The first concrete translation of this strategic change is the takeover of the American Intersil, the old semiconductors of General Electric. A $ 3.2 billion transaction finalized in February 2017.

A $ 900 million market in 2020

The entry into Cmos image sensors is part of the continuation of this counter-offensive. Nothing says that Renesas Electronics will be confined to security cameras. He could also look to the automotive industry later, which he sees as the main future engine of the Cmos imager market and where he is already world leader in microcontrollers.

According to Digitimes Research, the global Cmos image sensor market is expected to grow from $ 10.4 billion in 2016 and revenue to $ 13.8 billion by 2020. It is dominated by Sony and Samsung Electronics with respective shares of 45% and 15%. According to IC Insights, video surveillance and video applications provide an average growth rate of 36% per year, thus potentially reaching over $ 900 million by 2020….

16 th largest chip supplier

According to statistics show 19,000 people worldwide and $ 7 billion in revenue in 2016, Renesas Electronics is the second largest semiconductor supplier of Japan after Toshiba and in addition Renesas Electronics ranked 16th the world in 2016, according to IC Insights.


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